Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recession's Silver Lining

The recession has negatively affected people in many ways: some have lost their homes, others their retirement funds, and still others their children's college savings. Yet positive things have come from the economic crisis, as well.

People have become more creative with limited resources-- playing monopoly in chalk on a city street, walking places, and making wash cloths out of old bath towels. Ailing businesses have closed and sprawling ones have consolidated, eliminating some of the excess in our consumer culture. Fewer people have bought new cars, and more are biking to work. It's as if the economic crisis is stripping the fat of society and reminding us of what's most important: relationships, the environment, slowing down. The following articles are about the simplification of life, some because of the recession, and others on people's own volition. These stories are grounding and refreshing, free and unafraid.

Living with Less

Frugal Portland

Tight Times Loosen Creativity

The Joy of Less

Last but not least is Thomas Berry. His writing does not refer to the recession, but suggests the idea that the "universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects." Berry challenges us to think differently about our place in the universe, which correlates with some of the priorities I have been developing, and some of the ideas referenced above.

Thomas Berry

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